Bogdan Zurek, b. 17 VII 1949 in Bartoszyce. He graduated from the Railway Technical School in Olsztyn (1968).

1971-1982 employed at the Gdańsk Shipyard. Lenin (first as a tracer, et seq. Master direct production). In the sixth participant 1976 strike at the shipyard. 1978/1979 December 16, the anniversary of the independent participant in December 1970. At the end of the 70s occasionally spread “Bratniak” and “Coastal Worker” on the site.

In August 1980 strike participant in the yard. From September 1980, “S”; President of the Committee for the Defense of Prisoners of Conscience and Repressed by KZ Trade Union “S” Gdansk Shipyard, since 1981 a founding member of the Club of Political Thought. Constitution of May 3 in Gdansk. WV 1981 participant hunger strike at the Medical University of Gdansk in defense of political prisoners, a member of the editorial board of the regional newsletter KOWzP. 11 November 1981 one of the organizers of the patriotic demonstrations on the occasion of independence.

On the night of 12/13 December 1981 interned during union delegation in Prudniku, embedded in the Militia in Opole, et seq. AŚ in Opole and in prison in Nysa. 24 VII 1982 released upon presentation of a documented date of departure of the Polish (tickets, view homes, Out of Gdansk). 7 and 1982 (during internment) sacked in the Gdansk Shipyard.

From 27 VII 1982 with his family in exile in Germany; received political asylum. After a short stay in Gelsenkirchen (Westphalia), he settled in Munich. Immediately after arriving in Germany, began working with the Polish radio station Radio Free Europe. Laureate (1983) on the memories of Polish, organized by the Paris Culture and RWE. Reported in 1983 the Nobel Prize ceremony for Lech Walesa of Poland from 1984 to 1985 a member of the editorial board of RWE (edited programs of workers’ Labor Affairs, “” The issues and concerns of the world of work “), he also major political broadcast” Facts, Events, Reviews “Brussels and edited Solidarity Office programs. Published in the press emigration (including the “Official Polish” and “Polish Week”). With RWE worked until 1992. Since 1982, emigration activist PPS (Vice-President of the Central Committee of Foreign), on behalf of which was part of the National Council (parliament by the government-in-exile in London). He served as Secretary of the Department of the National Council in Germany (1986). Co-founder and Vice President of the Club of Independent Political Thought them. Mieroszewski Julius (1986-2002) and since 1990 the Society for German-Polish Agreement in Munich. Member of the Board of the Union of Polish Organizations in Bavaria. Co-founder of the Federal Association of Polish and Polish Forum Council in Germany (from 2013 Vice-President). Since 1995, a member of the (co-founder) Broadcasting Workers’ Association in Warsaw Polish RWE, a member of the Club Publicists RWE. Since 1997, Executive Vice President of the Association of Polish Journalists in Germany. Publisher and ed. In chief of “Bulletin of Bavaria” (2000-2002), a longtime managing editor “Polonika Munich” and the editor-in-chief (since 2008) Polonia magazine “My City”. Member of the Association of Polish Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). Since 1995 he worked in the administration of the Technical University of Munich. From October 2014 to retirement.

30 V 1981-1918 VIII in 1983 worked on the Division III A / V Militia / WUSW in Gdansk as part of the SOS crypts. Żur.

He was awarded the Medal of the 25th Anniversary (2005) and Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Polish (2007).