Jan Kazimierz Kossakowski
b. 1928.04.27 in Pruszkow, from 1931 Saska Kepa citizen associated with it not only the residence, but also activities for the local community. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, initially as an employee (assistant prof. Kazimierz Drewnowski).
From 1942 to conspiracy, initially in the Polish scouting, and from 1944 to NOW (Battalion Gustav). After the war, under the ZHP continued its independence, for which he was arrested in 1952 and sentenced to five years in prison with §86 KKWP. The investigation took place on Rakowiecka and III Ivory Coast on 11 November, and a penalty in the quarry Piechcin – Wapienno. 1/3 paroled judgment.
Unable to return to work with young people found employment in the Institute of Electrical ministries and tube industry (Z-dy the Rosa Luxemburg). The last 20-year career as a director in the Office of Research Affairs. Quality (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers).
Since 1950 worked in the Polish society Lighting Committee (of which he is now honorary president), and for 12 years held the position of V-president of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).
In the years 1971-1973 he studied complementary in the UK, keeping as technical advisor tube industry. The acquired knowledge and experience allowed him to act as an expert UNIDO and UNDP (missions to Yugoslavia and China).
During the period of martial law from 1951 to the Round Table was active in the Primate Assistance Committee persons deprived of liberty and their families, and is now one of the three trustees archival fond of this Committee, held on his initiative in the AAN.
The team was completed by nearly 100 injured in relationships martial law (certificate of oral history) collected throughout the country within the mission of the Foundation Specialists Volunteers Corps (established by Jan Kossakowski in 2003) and Norway (jointly with the State Archives).
The Foundation continues to present the mission of “Lest you forget,” developing and publishing materials (exhibition board, booklets) on the defense of Warsaw in September 1939, and more recently with gen. Stanislaus Sosabowskim. In the years 2011 – 2012 led to the creation of a permanent arrangement sculptural “symbol September 1939 Barricades” and conducts annual anniversary celebrations for adults, as well as educational for children.
In the years 1989 – 2004 Jan Kossakowski as a representative of the British charity the British Executive Service Overseas has organized more than 400 missions British experts volunteer to Polish institutions that can not afford to paid professionals, for which he received an officer’s Order of the British Empire (OBE).
He was a founding member of the-road, the Democratic Union and the Union of Freedom.
Henryka married Lucy Kossakowska, one son Marek Kosakowski.