Kornel Morawiecki Andrew (b. May 3, 1941 in Warsaw) – Polish politician, activist in the anti-communist opposition, founder and president of Fighting Solidarity, a doctor of physics, university teacher. Candidate in the 2010 presidential election.
Son of Michael and Jadwiga Szumańskich. He graduated at the age of 17 years in the Gymnasium. Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw in 1958. Higher education graduated from the Faculty of Physics, University of Wroclaw in 1963 under the direction of Prof. PhD. John Rzewuski of quantum field theory obtained in 1970. Researcher at the University of Wroclaw, initially at the Institute of Physics, Mathematics then. Since 1973, Wroclaw University of Technology researcher.

In 1968, he participated in a wave of student strikes.

After the suppression of the student protests with Jerzy Petryniakiem, Zdzislaw Ojrzyńskim, Peter Plenkiewiczem, Richard Trąbskim printed and was selling leaflets condemning the communist government, the repression against protesters students.

In a similar, slightly expanded team, seemed leaflets against the so-called. Warsaw Pact intervention in Czechoslovakia in August 1968, and then against the crackdown by authorities on the coast of workers’ protests in the 1970s.

In 1979, he joined the second number of the issued Wroclaw independent periodical “Bulletin of Lower Silesia” – from the creation of the printed outside of censorship in clandestine printing.

Together with a group of friends (Jerzy Petryniak, Zbigniew Oziewicz, Janusz Gorilla, Zbigniew Duszak, Vladimir Winciorek, Garret Sobczyk – American) greeted Pope John Paul II in Warsaw, Czestochowa and Krakow during the first pilgrimage in Poland, białoczerwonym banner with the inscription: “Faith and independence “.

At the time of the August wave of strikes in 1980, which preceded the creation of the “Solidarity” actively with the “Bulletin of Lower Silesia” joined in organizing strikes in Wroclaw. It was the only organized opposition group initiating and supporting the protests in Wroclaw.

During the so-called. Solidarity first prepared and printed along with Santa Claus Ivanov and the team, “Bulletin of the Lower Silesia” appeals to the Russian Soviet troops stationed in Poland, for which he was arrested and tried. It was the first of its kind in the communist political process.

He was a delegate to the First National Congress of the “Solidarity” of the Lower Silesia region. On his initiative Solidarity National Congress accepted the proclamation of the “Message to the peoples of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe”, was one of the authors.

At the time of the introduction of martial law December 13, 1981 avoided arrest because the evening was carrying clandestine printing equipment for the printing of the “Bulletin of Lower Silesia”. Immediately with the “Bulletin of the Lower Silesia” went underground and using conspiratorial structure began printing operations. The first issue of the statement of underground martial law in Poland – “Day by Day” was printed on the night of 13 on December 14 and was sold already in the morning on December 14 in Wroclaw.

He was editor of the press and publications Regional Strike Committee “Solidarity” in Wroclaw, authorized by the then President of the Region of Wladyslaw Frasyniuk to issue and sign the declaration on behalf of the RSC.

At the end of May and June 1982, inter alia, together with Paul Falickim founded “Fighting Solidarity Organization,” which was a unique political organization of opposition in Poland and the Soviet bloc countries, since its inception (June 1982) as one of the few in its program proclaimed the fall of communism, Polish independence and other nations enslaved by communism, the independence of the Soviet republics, the reunification of Germany while maintaining the boundaries imposed by the post-war order of Yalta. While in the program text Kornel Morawiecki Who are we? What are we fighting? 1982 the word “independence” does not fall even once, but on independence appeared frequently in the “Bulletin of Lower Silesia” or the letter “Fighting Solidarity”.

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