Jan Krzysztof Kasprzyk (b. September 10, 1946 in Quakenbrück) – Polish poet and teacher, activist in exile.

In 1970 he graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, University of Gdansk, in 1973 postgraduate studies in journalism at the University of Warsaw. In the years 1967-1978 he worked in student clubs “Zak” in Gdańsk and the “Riviera-Repair” in Warsaw, organizing meetings and national and international symposiums on film, music and fine arts; in 1975 for the organization of an international symposium on “Film and Literature Latin American” was honored with the Academy. Salvador Allende Policy magazine.

In August 1980 he took part in the strike in the Gdansk Shipyard. Created strike Postulate 22 songs and song for his daughter, was also the originator of the use of the name “Solidarity” in a figurative mark “Solidarity”. In July 1981 he moved to West Berlin, where he organized the Working Group “Solidarity” (Ger. Arbeitsgruppe “Solidarity”) and edited its monthly “Transfers”, published in 1982-1984 [1].

In March 1984 he received a scholarship to St. Francis Xavier University (pol. University of St. Francis Xavier) in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, where he studied the history of Canada and Canadian literature. Since 1985 he has lived in Toronto, where he works in the Canadian Catholic Department of Education as a teacher in high school and in the Polish school at the Polish consulate.

He has published articles in the national press and in exile, including in the “Culture”, “base contact”, “Politics” and “Proceedings of Historical”. He is the author of five books of poetry: “Centre Periphery” (Ed. Maritime, Gdańsk 1981, ISBN 83-215-9161-2), “Clear and Present Danger” (Polish Publishing Fund, Toronto, 1986), “Panopticum” (Mordellus Press, Berlin , 1997), “Collection” (Ed. Omnibus Press, Toronto, 1999) and “Place” (Library of Phrases, Rzeszow, 2006, ISBN 83-920820-9-5).

In 2013,. For outstanding services in supporting democratic change in Poland was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Polish Republic.