Mieczyslaw Zarzyczny, b. October 11, 1941 Olchowej k. Lesko. He graduated from the Evening Technical School of Mining in Zabrze (1971); 1970-1972 Study of librarianship default listener in Katowice.

1960-1965 worked in the coal mine in Zabrze Zabrze; 1963-1965 military service in units of ground forces and aviation in Hrubieszow, Sochaczew and Malbork; 1965-1972 worked at the House of Culture at Pstrowski coal mine in Zabrze, in KWK Pstrowski 1972-1975, 1975-1982 in KWK Piast in Tychy-Bieruń New. 1970-1981 Guide to Mining Beskid PTTK branch in Zabrze Zabrze KWK-West.

2-3 September 1980 strike in the coal mine co Piast, Chairman of the Branch KS (Branch shaft), seconded by KS KWK Piast for talks with the Government Commission in July Manifesto coal mine in the Hawk-Zdroj. From 4 September 1980 Coal Mine Workers’ member of the Commission, the President of the CoR in the Department of the shaft. Since September 1980, “S”, a member of the Founding Committee, Chairman of the OKZ on Branch. Shaft, member of the KZ “S”. In the seventh delegate to the 1981 I WZD Katowice Province.

14 XII 1981 participant in the strike, a member of the KWK Piast KS; organizer of food for the strikers underground. 19 XII 1981 removed from the mine to the command of Commissioner of the military and transferred to glass IV. 23 XII 1981 stuck at home, taken to KM MO in Tychy, 26 XII 1981 to the Militia in Katowice; 30 XII 1981 interned in the RIA. Retreats in Zabrze-Zaborzu. 11 February – March 23, 1982 he was in the hospital Mining in Zabrze-Biskupice. April 30, 1982 released after the intervention of the ICC. 2 V 1982 reinstated. 30 VIII 1982 re-arrested, taken to the HP MO in Tychy, then to prison in Zabrze-Zaborzu; sentenced to 15 days solitary confinement. 10 November – 2 December 1982 in the Department of Neurology treated in Zabrze; 2 December released.

From June 6, 1983 with his wife in exile in Germany. November 1984 – 1991 Co-founder and member of the Board of “S” Eschweiler-Aachen; organizer of assistance to opposition groups in the country (including 5 passed printing machines). X 1987 remained on welfare. X 1987 – III in 1989, employed at Schlafhorst in Münchengladbach; And in 1990 the unemployed welder completed the course; April 1990 the company employed Balduin in Stolberg, V 1990 – IV 1995 Strang & Co in Aachen. In 1992, co-organizer, member of the Polish Sailing Club Yacht Club Aachen, 1992-2008 President of the club (captain), since the second 2008 member and advisor. In 1992, founding member of the Polish Congress in Germany; founding member of the Polish Forum in Germany. In 1993, a member of the Founding Committee of the Polish Council in Germany (Berlin). IV 1995 – IV 1997 again unemployed computer technician completed the course; Since 1996, member of the Board of the Polish Council of the Rhineland and Westphalia. V 1997 – V 1999 employed in the office-Save Ing. GmbH in Geilenkirchen. Since 1998, a member of the Audit Committee. V 1999 – 2002 on the unemployment benefit; since I retired in 2002.