Romuald Sheremetiev (b. October 25, 1945 in Olmontach) – Polish politician, journalist, Doctor of Military Science, HR reserve officer, Member of Parliament of the Third Term, former Deputy Minister and after Minister of National Defence, university lecturer.

In 1972 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Wroclaw. PhD on the work of the Polish defense Targeting defended in 1995 at the Department of Strategic and Defence at the National Defense University; habilitation (The Polish security in the twentieth century), six years later in the same department. Since the 90s he worked on AON, he was employed at the Cracow School of them. Wolbórz.

In the PRL was a member of the Democratic Party (until 1970) and the Association “Pax” (until 1976), he was a member of the Provincial National Council in Leszno on behalf of the latter organization. Organizations active in the opposition, from the clandestine “Movement”. In 1976 he was among the founders ROPCiO. In 1979 he was one of the founders of the Confederation of Polish Independent, which he left in 1985, assuming the Polish Party of Independence. From 1981 to 1984 he was imprisoned for political activities carried out, the relief obtained under the amnesty.

The government of Jan Olszewski was appointed (in 1992) deputy defense minister, from May to June of the same year, temporarily headed the ministry after urlopowaniu Jan Parys. He was one of the founders of the Movement for the Republic, organized by the former Prime Minister. In December 1993 some activists elected him chairman of the party, which led to an internal split and functioning of the two groups under the name YoY (Sheremetyevo Romuald party later acted as the Movement for the Republic – Patriotic Camp).

In 1997-2001 on behalf of the Solidarity Electoral Action held the mandate of a Member of Parliament the third term, elected in the district Radom. At the end of the term was a member of the non-attached. FOChD belonged to his arm and ran unsuccessfully in 2001 to the Senate.

The government of Jerzy Buzek held the position of deputy defense minister again. He was suspended and then dismissed from the function, among others, as a result of the publication of Anne Marshal and Bertold Kittel in “Rzeczpospolita” alleging him of corruption. The process in this case lasted since 2005; October 24, 2008 the first instance court acquitted him of the main complaints: Corruption and the allegation of misuse of powers and acting against the public interest. The court also dismissed the proceedings for abuse of powers in relation to the limitation period, and was sentenced to a fine for unlawful disclosure of his assistant, Zbigniew Farmusowi, state secrets. Finally, November 8, 2010 Romuald Sheremetiev was also acquitted of unlawful disclosure of state secrets.

In October 2008, he became a professor and the chair of the External Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola, and in October 2010 a long-distance dean of the Faculty of Law and Economy Sciences in Stalowa Wola. Then he was appointed associate professor at the Institute of Strategy, National Defense University.

In 2010, ran for president as an independent candidate Warsaw. Took 5th place out of 11 candidates, yielding 2.16% of the vote. A year later, a candidate for election to the Senate in one of the districts of the province podkarpacki to give 7579 votes and ranks seventh among six candidates 4th place.

He sits in the governing of the Foundation of Former Special Forces Soldiers GROM he is also a KoLiber Association.

November 11, 1990 he was honored by the President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Polish.