Richard Peter Wyżga , b. 10 III 1946 in Vienenburg in Germany. He graduated from the Basic of metal School in Trzebiatow ( 1964).

964-1967 worker in a locksmith’s workshop in Szczecin , worked in the Szczecin’s Warski Adolf Shipyard 1967-1972 ., 1977-1983 General Construction Combine 1 in Szczecin. 17-22 XII 1970 and 1971 -22-24 participated in taking over and protesting in a shipyard of . A. Warski , a member of the Faculty KS . W-3 , a member of the strike guard . Since 1976, in touch with the NRA , then Defence Committee , since 1978 with the FTU .
19-30 VIII 1980 strike organizer of the Fac . KBO ironworks , a member of the MKS Shipyard ; IX 1980 “S” ; Founding Chairman of the Committee , then a member of the KZ the Fac . Ironworks and Carpentry KBO , delegate to MKR , June-July 1981 and WZD delegate to the Western Pomerania region .

13-14 / 15 December 1981 hid ( with Joseph Wasilewski ) documentation of the union and the multiplier in the KBO , the participant of a shipyard strike , printed proclamations and leaflets; after a pacification strike he inspired a small demonstration which involved distributing copies. no . 54-56 of the ” Unity ” which were taken from the shipyard.

From 16 XII 1981 Co-organizer ( with J. Janina Wasilewski in an apartment Trojanowska ) of meetings of the anticommunist underground , he also co-established the initiative group called the Inter Coordinating Committee (Międzyzakładowy Komitet Koordynacyjny), representing various professional groups ( Jadwiga Boral , Wladyslaw Dysiński , Zdzislaw Konury , Zbigniew Kowalewski , Joanna Kubiak , Zofia Wasilewska , Edmund Wojcieszyk ) .

In 1982 co-organizer , editor , printer and publisher of the underground magazine ” Phoenix”; Co-organizer ( with Wieslaw Outsiders ) print ” Weekly War ” and ” Tygodnik Mazowsze” , organizer and head of the Szczecin branch ” Weekly War ” printer leaflets. He got fired from his daily job on april 1982.

Organizer of the operation “listening on the WRON radiographs” ( in collaboration with colleagues employed in MO) , fundraising activities , ” S”, manifestation in January and the third of May and 31 August (in cooperation with the RSC and Grzegorz Durskim ) acquiring premises for paper and printing , printing training in summer 1982 for the shipyard ( in the apartment Barbara Mleczka ) ; a close associate of RKS . Repeatedly arrested for 48 h . , Subject to revisions ; 26 VIII 1982 interned in the RIA. Seclusion in Wierzchowie ( participant 11 -day hunger strike protest ) November 4, 1982 he escaped from the head office of the prosecutor’s office in Wierzchowie after being accused by the Military Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin garrison , after that he went into hiding ; 13 .03.1983 arrested , detained in AŚ with ZK in Szczecin , 30 July 1983 released under amnesty ; and then fired from his job .

From 5 XII 1983 in exile in Germany. 1983-2003 locksmith plants of steel structures in Aachen. Since 1984, a member of the working group “S” in Aachen (structures Conference of Solidarity Support Organizations), the organizer of fundraising, purchase and metastasis to the Polish printing and printing materials, as well as rehabilitation equipment for the sick, help for Silesia and Krakow. Printer flyers “S” in English. German organizer kolportażowego point in the center of Szczecin. After the 1988 Co-organizer (with his wife) assistance to orphanages in Western Pomerania and Lublin. Since 2004, retired.

He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta Polish (2010).

22 VIII 1980 – June 16, 1981 worked on by the Faculty. IIIA Militia in Szczecin under the SOS crypts. Combine; 9 Apr 1981 to 1917 December 1983 by the Faculty. III / V Militia / WUSW in Szczecin in the framework of the EC / ED crypts. Activist.