Victor George Mikusiński
b. 12 XII 1946 in Stone Mountain. A graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty. Law (1970), Study of Higher Fire Operations and Fire Officers School (1973), Postgraduate Studies Academy of Internal Affairs (1975), Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Protection and Agricultural University (1985).

1970-1972 Legal referent in WSS Społem, 1973-1981 homicide inspector, head of the criminal section of the Faculty. Investigation Investigation KS MO, MO lieutenant. In ZSMP 1965-1976, 1976-1981 in the Communist Party.

From 27 May 1981 Founding member of the Provisional Committee of Trade Union Officers MO, from 1 June 1981 the President of the National Founding Committee ZZ FMO, June 5, 1981 signatory to the agreement with the Commission, the Council of Ministers. Strengthening the Rule of Law and Public Policy Compliance, June 9, 1981 resigned as chairman. 31 VIII 1981 dismissed. ZZ OKZ flyers distributor FMO; September 25, 1981 meeting participant Regional Court in Warsaw ws. Registration ZZ FMO, then the participant occupation Guard Hall in Warsaw taken by 36 b. MO officers forming the Committee Protest against suspension of the registration procedure ZZ FMO.

After 13 XII 1981 in secret; pledged stuck in an ambush by SB 18 II 1982 interned in a RIA. Retreats in Warsaw-Białołęka and Kielce-Sands, released 23 December 1982. IX-XII in 1982 published an underground magazine “Overview” (Publisher them. Constitution of May 3). After releasing a half year remained with odd jobs physical. Spring 1983 – 1989 Member of the editorial team, editor of magazines and books, the author of the underground publishing idea, make available their own apartment, distributor underground publications, including books; V 1983 – 1984, the group V b. The officers MO cooperating with the letter “Dignity,” the author, distributor. 1984-1989 Head of Water Protection in the Polish Association of angling. 1987-1989 Co-founder of the underground Legal and Political Publishing House, editor of the underground “Law and Lawlessness” (issued on behalf of the Committee on Intervention and the Rule of Law “S”). 1988-1989 founder, editor, graphic designer underground publishing context; associate of the National Transitional Council of Farmers “S” and “S” RI province. capital; editor of the farmers’ word and deed, “the author reports to” Sich “of the meetings TKRR” S “; Commission associate Intervention and the Rule of Law “S”.

In 1989, participants of the Round Table, the secretary of the component on. Agriculture. 1989-1990 Member of the Board KO “S” Warsaw-Zoliborz, Chairman of the Committee on Safety, founder and editor of the organ KO “Żoliborz messenger.” 1989-1990 Secretary of the Senate Committee on National Economy; District councilor since 1990 in Warsaw Żoliborz KO list. In 1990, the inspector NIK, 1990-1994 Deputy Commandant, then the commander of the Metropolitan Police. Since 1994, retired. Stu on the Move 1996-2000, member of the Political Council of the Mazowsze Region. Since 2006, President of the Association of Former Officers MO Repressed for union activities and the Political l. 1981-1989 dignity. Since 2008, a member of the Association of Free Speech.

Golden Cross of Merit (1993), the Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Polish (2009); awarded the Badge of Merit in Culture (2001).